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The #WordToTheWise series was created to help all rising artists in the hopes of becoming more than just local HYPE!

A dose of tips, tricks, secrets, and advice that EVERY rising artist should take note of! 

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Brand Yourself

May 2, 2018

Find ways to separate yourself from the rest!

Have a personality that doesn’t distract from your music, but rather compliments it, and ultimately attracts more fans.

Ms. @iamcardib is a prime example! People fell in love with Cardi’s unfiltered persona on TV and social media, and when people started to listen to her music, they were pleasantly surprised. Not only that, once Cardi started gaining some heavy clout, she NEVER changed — and people love her even more for that! And what about @blacyoungsta ? His Instagram videos are beyond hilarious, and even if we don’t get what he’s talking about half the time, he makes us laugh, and we continue to go back to his Insta for more. Best believe, when he drops any posts about his music, that we’re here for that too! 

#WordToTheWise is brand yourself as an ARTIST, your music and image goes hand and hand.

Quality over Quantity

May 9, 2018

A lot of artists have 100 plus songs under their belt and still wonder why they haven’t got “on” yet. So until you know that you’ve found your sound as an artist, don’t try to knock out as many songs as you can in one studio session. Find one record (at a time) that you love, and perfect it. It only takes one hit. 

#WordToTheWise is quality over quantity!

Stay Connected To Your Fans

May 16, 2018

With so many emerging new artists, it’s important to put a face to the music! Similar to branding yourself; your fans want to get to know you — and see you — as much as they want to hear from you. Make sure your taking advantage of free performances, even the ones where you have to pay a little to get on stage...

Remember these people don’t really know you yet, and if you’re as good as you say you are, it won’t be long until people are paying YOU to perform! Also, this generation lives on the internet, so try to be a little social on your social media, reply to your fans, ask them for advice, and just keep yourself relevant! 

#WordToTheWise is stay connected to your fans, and continue to build that fan base — the faster your fan base grows, the faster you’ll blow up!

Don't Focus On Chasing A Deal

May 23, 2018

A record label can drop you as quick as they signed you! Plus, most labels won’t even sign you unless you have a notable indie career. For many, signing a deal isn’t always the best idea — all that hard work to “share” your hard earned money, or having someone tell you to change your artistry to fit ‘their’ brand. Not trying to knock labels, because some of the BEST are signed to major deals, but if you can create your own label or go strong independent, then more power to ya! 🙃💪🏾

And don’t forget, different deals are good for certain situations, and there’s many to chose from — distribution deals, record deals, management deals, etc.

#WordToTheWise is don’t chase a deal, let it chase you, and in the meantime, focus on YOU and making yourself a commodity!

Start A Trend

May 30, 2018

What do music fans enjoy most when it comes to their favorite new artist? CONSISTENCY!

So along the lines of branding, as a rising artist, you have to think about ways to get people talking about you on a regular basis. What is something you can do consistently that people can look forward to from you.

How about doing a dope cover every week? Or dropping a new freestyle or video, every 2 weeks... A vlog of your studio sessions or backstage at your performances... A music series or a photo series, “20 weeks of” — whatever!

Literally, whatever content or trend you can think of that you can make original and keep consistent.

#WordToTheWise is start a trend that you can personalize and keep up on, this will help with your efforts of branding your image and bring more people to your music on a persistent basis!


June 6, 2018

Making music for a living sounds good in all, but anybody — these days especially — can make music.

So first things first, approach your rising music career as a growing business. You wouldn’t build a house if you didn’t know anything about construction. So how are you going to become a successful artist if you don’t REALLY know about the music industry?

It’s more than just knowing about all the artists and platforms that paved the way for us in the industry... but what about how they did it?

Study your faves, invest your money into your music, and build a team. Get to know the ins and outs of the industry in every aspect: marketing, finances, logistics, strategies, etc.

#WordToTheWise is be realistic with your music career and don’t sell yourself short! The more you know about the industry, besides the music, the further you put yourself ahead of your “competition.” 😈


June 13, 2018

Some of the best advice I’ve ever got was, “The moment something becomes impossible, is the moment when you stop trying.”

If you ask me, anything is possible! So if you believe that you’re made for music and that music was made for you, then don’t ever give up on that dream of making it big!

Breaking out into the industry is a lot harder than it looks, and sometimes it happens for people just by pure luck, knowing someone who’s already in the industry, or by years of hard work!

Nevertheless, it takes work regardless, so make sure you’re taking the time for yourself to create, perform, observe and LISTEN. Get yourself a mentor, study your favorite artists, and put your all into the grind...

#WordToTheWise is trust the process and invest in your dream. It’ll happen, just put the work in, and BE PATIENT! 


June 20, 2018

This seems obvious, doesn’t it!? But believe it or not, some people think that they can become successful on their own... and to a degree, it IS possible — but for the super fame you know you deserve, you’re going to need a team of supports to help you climb to the top.

Even if you’re an indie artist and aren’t looking for a label to back you; think of yourself as the label and you choosing exactly who you want on your team... of course you need a manager, but who else are you going to need? A personal stylist? A photographer or videographer? A publicist? A creative director? And hey eventually you’re going to need a lawyer. 

But as your building your team from the ground up, choose partners that are going to be essential to you now, and that can play multiple roles... and the rest will come in time. One of the major perks of having multiple people on your team is that everyone has their own connections.

#WordToTheWise is some of hip hops biggest moguls started from the bottom with their team, and with a group effort, they are now sitting at the top. As much as you may want to do it on your own, a team is only going to get you where you want to be faster. 


June 27, 2018

With all the things needed to brand yourself as an artist, and further your music career all together; the number one thing you can do for yourself is network!

Fans, and perspective supporters generally need a face to feel connected — and most importantly, a personality, with a face! Once you guys get to talking, and you ultimately sell yourself, there goes another connection and supporter for you and your music.

Great places to network are: studios, album release parties, day parties, club events, any music events, and of course online! And those are just specifics, you can obviously network ANYWHERE!

#WordToTheWise is don’t sell yourself short, and talk up your brand to as many people as you can! Be strategic on how you talk to people, and with what you say, you want people to remember you in a positive light; and you want them to not have a choice but to join your wave. 


July 4, 2018

So it’s definitely important to listen to all types of music. One of the most appreciated approaches to making music is when the artist is able to be versatile with the songs they create.

If your subconsciously, or even purposely listening to similar artists, you may end up sounding like them...

#WordToTheWise is try listening to music you wouldn’t normally listen to and see what you can pick up. The more knowledgeable you are about different music genres, the more you can play around with your own individual sound.


July 11, 2018

As a new artist, especially one that is trying to get signed or attract ample opportunities – you’re going to need some traction to your music and brand. 

You may be poppin’ in your city, but how far can that really go?

The goal is to get on everywhere and anywhere you can. Good trackable data that you want under your belt would be – blog placements and reviews on noteworthy publications, music steams, independent sales, video views, subscribers, endorsements, and radio spins. 

All these efforts come with a lot of time and patience. This is where networking and having a team come in play. 

You and your team should be connecting the dots between as many people as possible, all the while you work on your artistry. 

#WordToTheWise is make yourself hard not to notice, put yourself and your music wherever you can, and the fans and deals will come inevitably.


July 18, 2018

You know better than anybody about where you started and how far you came in both the music industry and in life in general. When you get on, remember who your supporters were from the beginning.

There’s three types of artists in this world — the ones who constantly get win after win ( a Cardi B ); the ones who make good music but just seem to stagger (a K Camp for example); and the ones who make a radio/club hit that will always bang, but you never hear anything else from them ( a one hit wonder ).

No matter where you end up after all your hard work, you gotta remember who stuck by you during the process. Always treat your team right, always show your fans love ( because face it, you wouldn’t be the artist you are right now without them), and always show your days ones that success didn’t and won’t change you.

#WordToTheWise is be realistic with yourself and don’t let the fame, the money, or the perks get in the way of what you got going on, and what you’re trying to accomplish. Be proud, but stay humble.


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