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Welcome to, where we support ALL things creative!

If you’re looking for artist branding for yourself, or for someone you know, you’ve come to the right place.

The Portia Terrae brand provides public relations services for upcoming artists and entrepreneurs.

Before you explore the site, first ask yourself:

“What is a publicist? — And why do I need one?”

Here’s your answer:

"A publicist's job is to develop awareness and interest in an artist using all forms of media. Even the most talented artists have a hard time reaching their desired success without some media attention. It is the publicist's job to make media aware of your shows, collaborations, personal endeavors, and music releases.

A publicist also helps with strategy and brand development. They have relationships with select media outlets (and influencers) and understand what the media outlets pick up."


On December, 11, 1992 – a #boss was born...

Portia Terrae, born in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, and raised in its' capital of St. Paul, has always had a love for creative writing.

"I think I was about 5 or 6-years-old when my mom bought me a full desk set, because then, she already knew I had a passion for writing. It was Mickey Mouse themed. I'm talkin' about a coffee mug, pens, markers, crayons, tons of paper, a stapler, erasers... everything that you think should be in an office – I had it. I kid you not, I think by the time I was 8, I had written and illustrated about 50 books. It's crazy because when I first started, nothing was ever spelled right; I never asked my mom for help; I just kept writing and creating imaginative stories of my own. Eventually, I got better of course, and then I started writing chapter books... my chapters were about 2 to 4 pages at the most – which seemed like a lot to me at the time! My absolute favorite author as a child was Barbara Park, who wrote the Junie B. Jones series. If you never read the books, please look her up! I swear I was the black girl version of Junie B.! Those books and her writing really inspired my writing style at an early age, and from there I just never stopped. Writing is apart of me. I do it every single day.

I love it"

Growing up, Portia always knew she wanted a career in writing, and with her immeasurable love for music and art, she wanted to find a career that could  combine the three. She then went on to attend Minnesota State University, Mankato, where she obtained her Bachelor's degree, and graduated with the honors of Cum Laude.

Portia majored in Mass Media, with a Public Relations focus, and minored in both Technical Communication, and Art Studio.

Portia Terrae now resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and has been doing freelance writing and PR since 2015.













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"My tricks of the trade and what I can bring to the table."

– Creative & Technical Writing – 

– Networking & Social Media Marketing –

– Creative Directing –


The Portia Terrae brand provides a variety of professionally written services and promotional tactics that include original content, and start-up features for your personal image, brand, or growing company. The goal is to satisfy clients with quality services by working together to create content that showcases the clients' talents and aspirations. We specialize in branding up and coming music artists by working closely with the artist themselves, and their management team. Ultimately, is your one-stop-shop for rising artists, media, entertainment, and culture.